Car Insurance Quotes in Baltimore

Car insurance quotes in Baltimore, Maryland

The Compulsory Liability Insurance Law of 1970 set the basic system in place. For all auto insurance policies renewed after January 1, 2011, the minimum amount of liability cover mandated increased to 30/60/15. Once you buy a vehicle, you have thirty days in which to register it. The same time limit applies if you move your residence to Maryland. But once on the road, the law is more flexible.

Drivers involved in a crash are not required to prove they have current car insurance cover. Law enforcement officers are not required to ask for evidence you hold the mandatory minimum insurance cover. But if the officer does ask and you cannot produce the evidence, a fine is payable. Actually officers have an insured motorist database and the dispatcher can check whether you are insured without you having to produce any evidence.

The obligation to insure falls on the owner and, if there's an accident, the claim is made to the owner even if the driver had his or her own insurance. Maryland also creates a default obligation to buy at least $2,500 of Personal Injury Protection to cover medical expenses and lost wages should you be injured no matter who caused the accident. You may decide to waive PIP if you believe your own health care coverage is adequate.

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Car insurance quotes under pressure in Baltimore, Maryland

Car insurance quotes in Baltimore, Maryland are under pressure because of the traffic congestion and high accident rates. Will the light rail transit line reduce car insurance quotes?


Car insurance quotes may be affected by new Maryland Transportation Secretary

Car insurance quotes may be affected by new Maryland Transportation Secretary. Policy decisions made by James T Smith could change the rates in car insurance quotes.


Looking For Reliable Car Insurance Quotes in Baltimore?

Finding accurate car insurance quotes in Baltimore doesn't have to be difficult. Make sure to provide the company with your important records, such as your driving record, credit score, damage claims, and your car's VIN number.