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Are you in search for replacement for the old car tyres on the silage clamp? Is there waste as well as mould on top of the silage? Have you also noticed that the top layers have gone warm? There are effective as well as cheap methods that you will be able to apply weight to the sheets as well as nets on top of the silage clamps.

Those old car tyres on the silage pits are surely becoming an old thing of the past. The car tyres look dirty and they are labor intensive and filthy job that everyone hates and they are no longer useful in the modern dairy farm. You must have the heavy as well as the secure clamp covers which don’t move and are quite easy to handle too. The nets are not just adequately heavy for the dry forages particularly on the shoulders. The tyre sidewalls or the old car tyres would apply in excess of the silage nets.

Reducing waste as well as spoilage on the silage pits is an excellent way that you will be able to improve the dairy farm profitability. The top waste and spoilage is because of incomplete fermentation in the top layers of the silage which result from the presence of oxygen on the early stages of fermentation. The oxygen may be present because of the delayed sheeting and insufficient rolling as well as the oxygen penetration and because of the lack of weight on the top sheets and the nets resulting in the air pockets below the sheet and the lack of consolidation in the silage’s top layers.
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A silage fermentation that is effective is an anaerobic process which happens just once when no air is present. The presence of the air would cause delay to the fermentation process and this would increase the dry matter losses which permit breakdown of protein, sugars as well as the loss of feed value and allowing the rapid production of yeasts, moulds and those spoilage organisms. This would make such pits lose the dry matter, result to mycotoxin contamination, cause slime layers, wasted silage, heating on the face in the top meter of the pit and also aerobic instability.
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It is quite important that you consolidate and seal as soon as the filling is actually completed using a sheeting system which prevents entry of oxygen that fully seals the sheet edges and protect the sheets from damage. There is a great barrier system which has an authentic oxygen barrier film along with the protective silage nets in order to prevent the plastic film from getting damaged and also the gravel bags for sealing edges as well as the seams. You will be impressed that such well-researched system has surely minimized the waste on the silage pits in the commercial farms and the scientific trials.