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Representations of the American Flag

Each country has its own flag to represent it to the global community. Countries use flags to symbolize their unity and presence in both national and international attendance.

It is a fact that the United States flag is one of the flags among countries that people can easily recognize. On June 14, 1777, the US flag was first introduced to the world with 13 original stars. Those 13 original stars symbolized the first 13 colonies that embodied the country of the United States at that time. Originally, these same colonies were under the British Crown but revolted and won their freedom, and made up the first colonies of the United States.

With the passing of time, by July 4, 1960, the US flag has evolved with 50 stars version. It has been recorded that during the history of the United States, its flag has been changed for 26 times. It might interest you to know that the current US flag is the longest version of 48 years. With alternating white stripes, the flag still shows the thirteen red stripes placed horizontally. On the upper left corner of the flag, is the blue rectangle that contains the stars that represent the states of the United States of America. The US flag served as the inspiration of the country’s national anthem the Star Spangled Banner.
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On the proper use of the flag, there is a United States Flag Code that should be followed. Most Americans know that a very important guide is to never allow the flag to touch the ground. This code is very well followed when people raising the flag are very careful not to let is touch the ground. If the flag is to fly at night, it should be illuminated all through the night. There is a proper observance on when the flag is to be replaced after some time. It is never allowed to dispose the flag in a trash or other means of disposal. The only proper way in disposing the United States of America flag is by burning it.
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The United States Flag Code is a Federal Law in the United States, and many do not know about this. Although there is no penalty for someone who fails to treat the flag properly according to the Code, but there has been several arguments to enforce the Flag Code with penalties of law through the Flag Desecration Amendment.

A very famous view of the US flag is when it is flying at half-staff. When there is a period of mourning or as a sign of respect, this practice is commonly observed. The September 11 incident is the most known time to execute the half-staff.

The United States seem to be not expanding with its territory, but there is a plan to revise the flag in order to include the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico that could bring to a 51 star version of the flag.