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How to Choose an SEO Company

With the fast changing SEO landscape, applying a long-running approach to SEO performance is crucial more than ever. It’s still comparably easy to create a short-term spike in rankings with techniques that will nearly always cause long-term problems to a client’s website’s performance. As that client, that’s the precise reason you need to be wise in selecting an SEO company.

Review the following as you explore your options:

1. Everything starts from a good strategy.
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Since every company is unique, it demands a unique SEO approach too. A reputable SEO company will create a strategy that will deliver long-term results, as well as explain why they believe that strategy will work.
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2. Look beyond keyword ranking.

A very common misconception in the world of SEO is that success is all about keywords. Keyword ranking can really be one of the best indicators of success, but there are times when it can be misleading. To start with, do you know the traffic for your ranking keywords? What’s the point of ranking for a keyword if nobody searches for it? True success demands an increase in the actual organic traffic for a wide array of targeted, relevant keywords.

3. Find an over-arching approach.

A good SEO campaign will include everything, from your site interface to hosting to site performance to link profile to content and so on. Forget any SEO approach that is not comprehensive or holistic.

4. Check past results.

A good SEO company will show you actual sites they worked on, along with performance results. However, don’t just accept such results at face value. Look for evidence of ranking and SEO best practices, and ask for the actual increase in website traffic they have achieved. Testimonials work best as indicators of results.

5. Know what you’re really looking for.

Prior to work commences, make a list of your goals for hiring an SEO company. What onsite optimization will they deliver? Is content management in house or outsourced? If link building is included in your agreement, what sort of links and how many should you expect monthly?

6. Know how frequently the reports will come.

Before any work begins, ensure that you get a clear snapshot of your organic traffic (via Google Analytics) as this will provide an invaluable benchmark against which you can compare your succeeding results. The moment work has commenced, you should expect a monthly or weekly report, covering not only your organic traffic and keyword rankings, but verification as well of the work that was performed in such period.

As with selecting any service provider, picking the right SEO company begins with asking the right questions and building a relationship. Good SEO delivers targeted leads and quality results, allowing your business to grow not only in the present but over several years to come.