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General car checks before your MOT

Before taking your vehicle in for its annual MOT test, it is important that you carry out some basic and quick checks to give your car the best chance of passing the test which would in turn save you time and money in the long run. The MOT test was first introduced in 1960 by the Ministry Of Transport (hence the name) to check that vehicles were safe and road worthy. As technology has developed so has the requirements for passing your MOT. Because drivers are paying upwards of £50 for every time they take their car in for MOT it is important for them that they pass the test first time to avoid paying for a 2nd or 3rd test. This post is going to provide readers with the best tips to prepare for your MOT test.

  1. Lights – The easiest and fastest thing to check are your lights. You should make sure that all your car lights are working as they should be. Headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazard lights and indicators.
  1. Number plate – Make sure that the number plate is clean and legible before taking it into the garage. A simple clean with a wet cloth can make all the difference. You should also make sure that the spacing and font of the text complies with the legal requirements
  2. Brake lights – Just like the remaining lights in the car this also needs to be tested, but it is a two-man job. You can have a friend check that the rear lights work. If you have no friends, you can simply reverse into a reflective surface and check out the lights in the reflection.
  3. Tyres – Check that your tyres and wheels are undamaged and the tyre tread meets the legal minimum requirement (1.6mm). Any tyres with less than this will be failed, if you are ever in doubt you can take your car in to a local manufacturer’s dealership and they can check for you. If your tyres are too damaged to drive you can call out a mobile tyre fitting team to fit replacement tyres at home of at work.
  4. Screen wash – Before taking the car in, you should make sure that you top up the washer bottle before taking the car in for a test.
  5. Fuel – Make sure that your car is filled with enough fuel and engine oils as the chances are that you might be turned away at the MOT centre if you are without suitable levels of either fuel or engine oil.
  1. Horn – This can be the fun bit for you, give your horn a short blast and if it doesn’t work you might have to replace it.
  1. Seats and seatbelts – The driver’s seat should always be adjusted forwards and backwards and all the good seatbelts should also be in good condition. You can test the movement of the seats and seatbelts before going into the test. In the event of a crash it might save your life.