Bees Were Taking over Our Front Porch

I know that bees are having a problem with the Colony Collapse Disorder, and there are concerns for wild honeybees too. However, our front porch had a nest of bees taking up residence underneath the siding under a window on the porch. I was afraid they would manage to get inside our home, and I was afraid of us getting stung as we sat outside on the porch. When they started flying around us, we called an exterminator in NYC to come and take care of the problem.

The bees were not aggressive, but you could tell they did not like you being anywhere near that window. I heard that some bee hives have guard bees that watch the opening to the nest. I was worried our curious dogs would get attacked if they smelled the bees and went to investigate. They were a type of honeybee and not any wasp species that some people mistake for being bees. All I know is that the last time I was stung, my hand swelled up a good bit. I was not wanting to find out what would happen this time if I got stung.

The exterminator in NYC was able to get rid of the hive before it caused any damage and before any bees found a way into the house from behind the siding. After they were gone, I just sealed up the hole they used under the windowsill to gain access. It is amazing how they find a hollow cavity to move into. I know they were not able to discern that this space was not a good choice to build a hive. I felt bad that we had to get rid of them, but we did take steps for it to not happen again. We went around and caulked every tiny crevice that bees could use to access hollow spaces in our home to build hives.