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Buying a motorcycle: Important things to consider to get the best deal for you


Buying a motorcycle: Important things to consider to get the best deal for you

While buying a motorcycle that there are a number of things to keep in mind, and negotiating with the dealer is one of them. Well, we all understand this, and to get the bike we like at the best possible rates we need to know how to negotiate with the dealer.

Discuss with a dealer who is not willing to provide a good selling price is a waste of time. In addition, you can only negotiate so if you know you want to buy motorcycle worth the price quoted by it. Therefore, it would be better if you choose the style and model of motorcycle you want, and then visit the store to the agreement.

Today, you can get all the information you need online, either the type, model, style or price of the motorcycle. Read on to learn how to get the best price on motorcycle you want to buy.

Find the best price retail

Once you select your favorite motorcycle, say motorcycle cruise, you need to know everything about her, including price, features, etc. Remember that the sale price will vary with the type of motorcycle, style and model you choose. You can easily get the right price for searching online or by visiting the manufacturer’s website to which you want to buy the vehicle.

Pick a dealer

Local merchants often charge fixed premium for a private party. It can be paid 20-25 percent more than the original price as document processing fees, shipping costs and benefits, of course.

Sometimes buying from a dealer can benefit you, especially when you want to sell your old motorcycle. This is because most dealers offer exchange policies, which means that the price of a new motorcycle in exchange for their old will be reduced. Before treating your local motorcycle dealer, find out if the prices are negotiable on all models.

It is always best to do some research on your own to know the true value of your motorcycle. If you are going to pay cash for it, then you must have payment information. Sometimes, buying an individual may be the best experience for you, as it gives you the opportunity to negotiate the price.

Distributors, marketers and sellers receive monthly allowances specified amount of sales, and if your offer is only completing their assignment, they are in a stronger position to get a great price on the vehicle you want to buy.

Investigate and compare prices and features offered by different providers motorcycles will certainly help negotiate the best price and get your dream motorcycle within the desired budget.

Building an electric bike – enjoy benefits

electrical bike

Building an electric bike – enjoy benefits
An electric bike is green and clean color and can actually build your own. Manuals for DIY electric bike can help you convert your standard bicycle into an e-bike that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the feature list of this bike comes with. Convenience and speed are some of the advantages of the bikes are on standard and more people are turning to them. To build your fast electric bike, you can use video courses and manuals available online. You will be guided through the conversion process and guide you through the materials you need to make your own bike.

When thinking about building your own bike, remember that you have to buy several parts and be willing to follow the instructions to finish. This means you have to be prepared for the challenge. You can also find it important to consider how cheap it is to build the bike compared to buying a grocery list. Some of the pieces that you may need to install during construction include throttle, the engine, battery and controller. However, with the professional help of manuals and videos, you must have a smooth time convert your standard bicycle electric bike.

Benefits of electric bikes DIY

They are cheaper in cost considering we are electric. You will find the small battery needed for conversion, as well as the other parts at affordable prices. You can easily find online and less to make their dreams come true. By choosing the right quality, you will enjoy your electric bike for a long time too.

You enjoy custom specifications with your bike. This means you can choose what you want to ride. You will have the exact type of bike you long as you can choose and buy the parts yourself. You will receive the exact bike power, range and speed you put your bike together. At the end you will have a bike that fits every horse needs you may have.

Electric bikes will give you a free traffic bonus because you can simply pass the slower cars using the bike path riding on the shoulder. This saves you time, allowing you to have more done in a day.

You have a speed advantage with an electric bike. This is because you can ride as fast as a car. You can actually build a bike that can go over 50 mph. It’s basically going to be as fast as a vehicle without the common challenges of traffic and traffic jams.

When making your electric bicycle, you have the advantage of choosing the ideal battery pack. This can be done through the calculations of the distance to be covered to get the right range and therefore the perfect size battery to meet your specific riding needs. You can ride all the way without battery needs to be recharged.

Other benefits include no parking fees, reduced insurance costs, all seasons riding, walks in silence and reducing the carbon footprint.

You can buy or download manuals, videos and books on how to build an electric bike quick and easy Internet. The use of these materials, which have a fast bike for your enjoyment.

Star Yamaha R-Spec 2015 Bolt – A large cruise ship

yamaha r1

Star Yamaha R-Spec 2015 Bolt – A large cruise ship


Yamaha has always created sophisticated and advanced two-wheeler industry. It has some of the best bikes listed on their loans, and Star Bolt R-Spec is one of them. The powerful engine and its ability to produce even let you ride the bike on all tracks, no matter how bumpy or irregular they are. The sophisticated technology used on the bike is evidence of the elegance of the engineers of the company. The bike is designed in a way that enhances their overall performance and gives an amazing insight. The performance of this bike and cruising is wonderful in the presence of many special features, and can be easily improved with the help of accessories on the market. The tank and side panels of the bike are printed with beautiful graphic designs that give an overall unique look to the bike. Yamaha has officially launched beginning Bolt R-Spec in two different colors, which are colored black and matte silver crow. All parts of the bike are designed so that not only give you a beautiful appearance, but also strength and durability.

Main characteristics:

This amazing cruise runs on a powerful 942cc, air-cooled, SOHC, V-twin, 4-stroke, 4-valve engine. Yamaha has used technology in motorcycle wet clutch to complement the engine capacity. Some of the other key features of this bike are: technology controlled ignition (TCI) transistor, dual rear shocks slopes and telescopic fork at the front, front disc brake and rear 298 mm wave type under the seat adjusted, digital speedometer, LED rear tail light, and 3.2 gallon fuel tank for a long safe trip. The bike gives average fuel around 51mpg, which is good enough for a bike so heavy cruiser. The low seat and handlebar set positon allow rider to have a comfortable ride. Yamaha Star Bolt R-Spec comes with a limited 1 year warranty company. With all standard equipment, oil and fuel weight (wet weight) of this bike is 540 pounds or 244.9kg.

· Accessories:

To make your bike and give lasting versatility, Yamaha produces a large number of accessories for all bikes. These accessories are easily available in the market at reasonable prices. These accessories are designed to improve the function of the bike and gives a beautiful look. Some of the accessories available for the Star range of Yamaha are:

Or engine guards

or bolt Fork Gaiters

lateral kit bag or Deluxe

or luggage rack

o Brass Billet grips

or stirrups rider Brass

or passenger seat kit

or Customize 40 spoke wheels

engine guards or

or Chrome Led Lamp

or passenger backrest bolt


The starting price of this bike is not much compared to its features and technology. It is available in the market for $ 8,390.

Moto competitive prices in India

motor india

Moto competitive prices in India

The most common vehicles seen on the road in India are two-wheelers. While those around them are a nuisance, those who ride bicycles are comfortable, zipping through traffic, getting more mileage out of your fuel. Although most upper middle class families prefer the luxury of their cars, members of the lower middle class sector require good, solid and affordable bikes. Large corporations such as Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj, Honda and TVS serve these families, and offer two wheels at great prices. The TVS Sport, a stylish looking Indian bike is priced at just Rs. 40000. Comes equipped with a tank of 12 liters of fuel and hydraulic telescopic front suspension forks and rear shock adjustable 5 steps.

Japanese giant Honda launched a new two-wheeler called the CD 110 Dream. It costs a little more than Rs. 41000 and has a 110 cc engine. Tubeless tires are equipped with drum brakes and while also having hydraulic telescopic fork like TVS, which is equipped with a rear suspension spring. The bike provides potential buyers with the same strength and comfort as the Dream Dream Yuga or Neo, but has a much lower price, which is much more appealing to the masses. The bike was presented as competition for Bajaj Platina, TVS Sport ‘Hero HF Pantero Deluxe and Mahindra, which are priced around similarly. Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe also priced a little over Rs. 40000 and has the same features as the CD 110 Sleep and TVS Sport. The only difference I can see is in the rear suspension. The HF Deluxe has a swing arm with an adjustable shock absorber 2 stages. The Lower Deck, which is priced around Rs. 38000 has hydraulic, telescopic suspension at both front and rear ends. In all other respects, is almost identical to the other bikes mentioned.

Apart from some very minor differences, bicycles marketed for daily consumption are almost exactly the same. Some bikes offer a longer seat, while others offer a little better suspension. With respect to bicycles at competitive prices is difficult to determine what makes a bike better than the other. All new bikes in India are built with the same features, with small touches that are added to make them more attractive to different people. At the end of the day, the average user will be allowing him or her feel comfortable and that the vehicle gives them the most value for your money. For those who simply enjoy bicycles, money is not a problem, and this can be seen by the number of Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson seen on Indian roads.

Why hire transportation experts Motorcycle


Why hire transportation experts Motorcycle

Motorcycles have been one of the most common choices when it comes to transportation. These two wheels provide wonderful benefits for owners. First, motorcycles are fuel efficient engines as used unlike small cars. Then bikes are so small that you can drive on narrow streets. In this way, you can avoid traffic during peak hours. Some riders also claim that bicycles are more adventurous use. With all this, people who move to another city or state bring their bikes with them. This task can be performed efficiently and properly by hiring transportation experts motorcycle.

Why hire experts in transportation?

To move safely motorcycles

Of course, you can use your motorcycle to move to another city or state. However, this is impossible if you move along with your loved ones. Not to mention, you can not predict accidents on the road, which can affect your movement and your finances. If you are a collector bike, you do not want to use your bike on the road. With the help of experts in transportation, you can safely move their bikes with ease.

To ensure that all legal documents are prepared

When you move, you must have the appropriate documents. Other than that, it is also necessary to obtain legal documentation regarding your motorcycle especially if these bikes are not street legal off-road vehicles. With that said, you need to get documents from the authorities before moving his bike. Fortunately, experts in transportation, meeting all these documents is a breeze.

To save money

As mentioned above, motorcycles are fuel efficient. However, the use of these two-wheeled vehicles when moving can be very expensive. For one, you need to feed occasionally since motorcycles can carry limited fuel in their tanks. Next, you need to stop frequently and for long hours driving a motorcycle can be stressful. By opting for the services of a transport expert, you can save more money during your move.

For the transport of several motorcycles

If you are an avid cyclist, it is not a surprise if you own more than one bike. But this can be a problem if you are moving and you can not use two or more bicycles at a time. By hiring transportation experts, you can move several motorcycles at the same time, which can help you save money and time.

With all these benefits, motorcycle owners can easily and efficiently move their bicycles in their new homes without any problems at all.

Tips to follow when buying a second hand motorcycle

scond motor cycle

Tips to follow when buying a second hand motorcycle

When compared with buying a new bike, it takes a little effort to buy a second hand. The flea market offers unique rides and great deals for buyers. With a wide range of latest styles and models available on the market, it may be difficult for you to limit your list of options.

If you are looking forward to buy a used model in a motorcycle shop, then there are plenty of things you should consider, from the model and type of motorcycle with the budget. It is also necessary to thoroughly review the bike and take a test drive before finalizing the deal. Well, your search for a used motorcycle would be easier by following some basic steps.

Decide what kind of motorcycle you want

First, determine the type of bike you want to buy. This will make your search much easier. At the same time, understand their management capabilities in terms of horsepower, speed, acceleration, and also the weight of two-wheeler. Since different types of bikes offer several benefits, find the one that best suits your needs.

Say for example, if you want a bike for just traveling to your workplace every day, you’ll want to look for a cruise. If you are looking for a fun weekend off-road ride a bike is the best suitable option. Touring bikes are suitable for long distance trips, while sports bikes are aggressive and will show great cornering. Consider your needs and buy a bike accordingly.

Inspect the Bike

After narrowing down your choices bicycles for the type of bike you want, visit the showroom dealer. It is recommended that you visit the showroom during the day along with an experienced mechanic to inspect the bike.

By doing so, not only can save hundreds of future repairs, but also ensure that you get the best price possible for the vehicle. Your mechanic can easily find out if the bike is in good condition or not.

Take a test drive

While going for a test drive, pay particular attention to taking turns, so you can see how it works around curves. Make sure the bike is moving smoothly, and that makes strange sounds.

Check the condition of the brakes, headlights, side indicators, rims and frames. If the engine has any trouble slowing down, stopping or accelerating, you must remove the bike from your list and go to the next best option.

You will find that buying a motorcycle can be a lot easier, uncomplicated and fast if you follow these basic tips.

All About Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki Motor Company was founded by Michio Suzuki. He had a very successful looming business when he decided to invest in the concept of motorcycle manufacturing in 1920. Suzuki didn’t take the motorcycle world by storm, in stead it was a slow and steady rise to success. There were a variety of motorcycle models that had moderate success. People began to take notice of the Suzuki line of motorcycles after their Diamond Free model won the Mount Fuji Hill Climb in 1953.


In June of 1954, Suzuki implemented their trademark “S” logo that is still used today. They also put their years of observing the motorcycle industry to good use. 1962 saw them as the winner of the Grand Prix World Championship. Suzuki decided to begin selling its motorcycles in the United States in 1963. They have come a long way since that first introduction. Consumers quickly took to the models, finding them to be valuable and reliable.


Suzuki introduced the X-6 Hustler in 1966, becoming their first street legal performance bike. At the time, it was also the fastest 250CC on the market. They followed the success of it with a 500CC model called The Titan. In 1969 Suzuki took the world by surprise when it introduced the GT750. This was a two stroke motorcycle that could reach a speed of 110 miles per hour. It was able to accelerate from zero to sixty in only five seconds. Since this motorcycle was so well received, Suzuki decided to make a larger bike with the same type of power. The RG500 became the most successful racing bike of that era.


Suzuki continued to dominate the motocross racing circuit in the 1970’s, winning the World Motocross Championship in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, and 1976. Due to tighter emission regulations, Suzuki had some stumbling blocks in 1976. However, they were successfully able to redesign their four stroke models to meet these regulations. They models also sold very well.


Suzuki again make racing history with the introduction of the XN85 in 1982. This was a turbo charged motorcycle that won many high profile races. The first American to win the World Motocross Championship did so in 1982 on this bike. In 1986 they offered the GSX-R, also a turbo charged racer bike. What made it so original was the aluminum frame. This made it the lightest motorcycle in its class.


In addition to selling large quantities of racing bikes, Suzuki has done well in the cruiser market as well. The Boulevard model comes in many different sizes to meet the needs of the consumer. This is a very sporty looking model built to look great as well as to offer comfort. The five speed transmission allows the operator of the vehicle to remain comfortable regardless of the riding terrain.


The body of the Boulevard model allows for a smooth ride regardless of the speed at which you are traveling. This model is one of the top selling cruisers out there as well as the best price with the 2007 models priced around $13,000. Each one comes with a 12 month unlimited warranty that can be extended. Suzuki offers the best warranty of any motorcycle manufacturer with unlimited miles, no deductible, reimbursement costs if the motorcycle breaks down, rental vehicle reimbursement, and the remainder of the warranty is transferable should you decide to sell your motorcycle during the warranty time frame.


Today, Suzuki is in the top four motorcycle manufacturer’s world wide. They offer a wide variety of street, off road, and racing motorcycles to choose from. You can find Suzuki motorcycles at more than 1,600 dealerships around the world. They are well known for offering style, comfort, and speed with hundreds of different models to choose from. They are also among the top sellers because the models are very attractive, the price is very reasonable, and they stand behind their products by offering an excellent warranty.


100 Years of Harley Davidson

The Harley-Davidson Company or HD has been around for just over 100 years. It all began with two friends in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. William S. Harley stands for the H in HD. Arthur Davidson is one of three D’s. The other two D’s being his brothers, Walter and William Davidson. William Harley and Arthur Davidson began working on the prototype and eventually sought the help of Walter and William. Walter was a skilled mechanic. William was an experienced toolmaker. Together the group formed the HD Company, which was later incorporated.

During 1903 HD turned out a grand total of 3 motorcycles. All were bought and paid for before completion. Gray was the standard color of the first HD motorcycles, which were often referred to as the “Silent Gray Fellows”.

By the end of 1905 the HD Company was not only selling motorcycles, but also motorcycle motors, marine motors, reversible propellers and float feed carburetors. The price of the motorcycle was $200.

The popularity of the HD motorcycle continued to grow through out the following decade. By 1914, nine departments of the federal government of the United States used HD’s. The U.S. Postal service alone used more than 4,800 Harley Davidson motorcycles for rural mail delivery.

In 1916 the military began using HD’s in border skirmishes with Pancho Villa. The motorcycles were equipped with machine guns. HD motorcycles were also used in World War I with half of all models produced being shipped overseas. The war also was responsible for the establishment of the first Harley-Davidson Service School. The HD Company saw a need and met it.

The 1920’s brought an end to the war and a beginning to the world of racing. HD made quite an impact. Harley-Davidson suffered, but managed to survive the Great Depression and continued to prosper through the 1930’s.

Unfortunately World War II came in the 1940’s and HD was pressed into service once again.

The 1950’s brought about new, more aggressive marketing strategies and expansion for this great company. Once again war broke out, this time in Korea. Motorcycles were replaced in popularity with the military with the Jeep. HD was free to concentrate on its civilian consumers.

The 1960’s brought about as much change for HD as everyone else in the United States. This was also when the company began to branch out into an unrelated field of leisure product with the production of 3-wheeled golf carts. By the end of the decade these carts cornered about one third of the United States market, and were even used oversees. HD also began marketing an extensive line of motorcycle accessories.

The 1970’s saw continuing success in the racing venue. Great advancements were made in the racing bikes that were produced by HD. In late 1970 the company also unveiled its brand new snowmobile. Perhaps the biggest change was the merger between HD and the AMF.

The 1980’s began with a buyback, and the HD Company returned to private ownership. The company seemed to show a renewed interest in building better machines So much so that they won the contract with the California Highway Patrol in 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988 and 1989.

The 1990’s were ushered in with the appearance of HD’s most customized factory custom motorcycle to date, the FLSTF Fat Boy. This bike was reminiscent of the past while still being up to date with the times.

The Twenty first century has come and HD remains strong. Its current line of bikes includes the Sporster, the Dyna, the Softail, the VRSC, and a Touring line. Each line includes several models. Bikes now sell from between $6,000 and $25,000.