Cost-Effective High Fuel Efficiency

Choices for vehicles are vast. Searching for a new car can be overwhelming. In addition to the original pricing of the car, there are several factors that have to be considered as well.

People, especially those with budget constraints, also have to consider the operating costs. Some cost-effective cars, for example, can end up costing a lot of money after the sale if maintenance is high or the mileage is low.


Once the vehicle is purchased, costs continue as long as you own the vehicle. Insurance premiums can be high for some makes and models of vehicles. A compact car will have lower premiums than full-sized vehicles. Sports cars carry higher premiums, as do cars of specific colors.

Safety features have an impact on the rates because insurance is all about risk. A compact car with excellent safety features, such as a Fiat, will translate to low insurance rates. It is a wise idea to ask the insurance company to compare premiums of different makes and models prior to buying the car.

Gas Mileage

Fuel efficiency is an important factor in keeping operating costs low. Gas prices fluctuate depending on the season, the supply, the demand, and political climate. Filling up a vehicle with average gas mileage can cost a small fortune.

High fuel efficiency makes buying gas more affordable. Manufacturers are constantly improving mileage with every new model. Some fuel operated cars can now get an estimated sixty-five miles per gallon on the highway. Electric vehicles have tested in at about eighty miles per gallon.


A common marketing strategy these days for dealerships is to offer free maintenance when a new vehicle is purchased. Oil changes, alignments, tune-ups, and brake inspections can all add up over the span of a year. Free maintenance for two to three years will drastically reduce operating costs.

Compare all the costs of a new car before deciding on which one to purchase. Test drive several cars as well to determine how they accelerate, idle and stop.

The difference between makes and models can be staggering. Some sites online allow browsers to compare similar vehicles from different manufacturers. That can save buyers time by narrowing down the desired options before heading out to dealerships.