I Expect My Savings to Be Astronomical

The first time I shopped on Cyber Monday was last year. I had no idea that I was approaching it all wrong though until after the fact. I used to go out on Black Friday, and I have a feeling that most army generals would have loved how organized I was about my plan for the day. I really got into the nitty gritty of it, but I did not do that for Cyber Monday. I learned my lesson though, and this year I did a search for Cyber Monday laptop deals 2016 discounts because my biggest purchase is going to be a laptop for my son.

He is going away to college next year, and I wanted him to have a really nice laptop that he can use for the rest of his senior year as well as the first year or so of his college experience. I was not going to just do it like I did last year though. Then, I just went to different sites like Wal-mart, Best Buy and Amazon to scour their websites for great deals. I had no idea that I could have had advanced notice if I would have just planned my Cyber Monday shopping experience better.

Actually, Cyber Monday is even better than Black Friday for me because there is more competition between the retailers. There are a lot more online retailers than there are physical ones in my town, so I know that I am going to be able to get the best deals possible for a laptop for my son. It is just a matter of planning my shopping experience better by visiting a site that has all of the best Cyber Monday ads available before the big day. I am doing it smarter this year, and I expect my savings to be astronomical!