I Got an Invitation in the Mail

I was really surprised when I opened it up, I had not seen any of those guys for at least a year. Apparently they knew that I was back in Nevada and working here for a software firm. Of course I knew what to expect, except it was even bigger than that. As soon as I got to the address a pair of blonde escorts forced me into a chair and began to give me one really awesome lap dance. Some idiot came up and told them I was the wrong guy. He then claimed that he was the groom. By then they had almost gotten me where I was going. One of them took a shot glass of tequila and put it down, then she put her tongue in my mouth. I figured that she would be passed out in a couple of hours, but that seemed to be all for show.

All of these guys were rich pretty much, they were all programmers and some of them had gotten in on the ground floor of some big tech companies. The guy getting married was worth about thirty five million dollars. They told me that the entire thing was getting paid for by a company that would remain nameless. They were going to make it appear to the IRS that they were paying to entertain clients. I suspect that the budget must have been a couple hundred thousand dollars. I mean they had hired dozens of strippers and some escorts as well. Of course it turned out that hardly any of those guys knew how to pace themselves. I was just drinking beer, because I planned to work the next day. Before it was even late at all I was the only sober enough to effectively flirt with all of those girls. Most of them seemed immune to my charms, but I still caught my limit.