I Just Got Back from Sacramento

I had to make an unscheduled stop at a doctor’s office and then at a Sacramento chiropractor during my visit to the Sacramento area this week. It started out as a simple business trip and in fact I was just about done with all of the things that I needed to do. I visited about half a dozen clients over the course of a day and a half. Most of the appointments went off just fine with no trouble. However on the way to the last one I ended up in a ditch, trying to avoid being hit by some guy running from a police officer. He hit me on the rear fender as he was trying to pass two trucks leaving a construction site. At first I was just really mad and I was not too unhappy to see the police were not being too gentle with the guy. He had spun out and wound up in front of those trucks. One of them had knocked him into the other ditch.

However once I got over the adrenaline I realized that I was pretty banged up. I had some blood on my face, but that was not anything serious. It was just a cut, apparently from my wedding ring. There was a nice bruise on one side of my face and my left arm was not working the way I wanted it to. That turned out to be what they call a stinger when you play sports, my shoulder had gotten jammed real good. At any rate I went to a local hospital in an ambulance, my car was not going any place without a wrecker and they fixed what they could. By then my back was really killing me and I realized that I needed a chiropractor to fix it.