I Missed Work Because of My Back Pain

Pain feels bad no matter where it is located, but having it in a place that is hard to reach can make it seem a whole lot worse. I work in construction, so I am used to being tired and sore after a long day, but I am not used to my back hurting. When I woke up the morning after a particularly hard day at work in a lot of pain, I just thought it was because of my work. It was not until I went to see a chiropractor in Corte Madera after missing three days of work that I realized that it was something far more serious than just a hard day of work.

Thankfully, though it was a serious issue because my back was out of alignment, it was also a very easy fix. The chiropractor did a physical examination on me first, and I was able to bend about halfway down to the floor. That is why I had to call off work because I needed to be able to bend completely over to pick things up off the floor or ground. She also tested my range of motion, and she decided that we did not need to have X-rays done.

I was thankful for that, because it would have scared me pretty bad had she told me that imaging needed to be done. As it was though, I just had to have some spinal adjustments done. The first one was that day, and I also had massage therapy done since I did need to be able to resume my job as quickly as possible. I went back three more times that week, and my back felt much better because of it! I hated missing work, but I am really glad that I had my back fixed the proper way!