It Looks Like I May Get a Promotion

I knew that John was on the verge of imploding for a long time, ever since his wife left him the guy has been a real mess. At any rate the other day I went over to talk to him and I could smell the bourbon on him from the night prior. At any rate I looked at his computer screen and I could see the search he was doing, it said local escort service near me. That was his business and I did not think much about it, although I did try to talk to him about the drinking and how he was probably going to lose his job if he did not straighten him up. After a few seconds I realized that there just was not any point in trying. I was not his preacher or his deacon and he was not about to listen to the words that I said.

At any rate he apparently found the escort that he was looking for and he put it on the company credit card, not once either. In fact he seems to have found all of the ones that they had, usually one at a time and some times he paid for more than one the same night. It was obvious that he did not give a care for the company. He took one of these escorts with him to Belize before the accountants realized that he had embezzled a fair amount of money. He had not done what he intended to do however and we were able to get nearly all of the money back. When it was done they decided to not even bother calling the police. They were so embarrassed that they thought the publicity would have been worse than the actual loss that we took on the fiasco.