Lightening Quick Roof Repair at a Great Cost

My wife suggested I call for Queens NY roof repair after I came home after a lengthy work related trip to another part of the country. I first heard from her a few days before when she called in a dither. Apparently a serious wind storm moved through the city and caused all sorts of damage. Trees were down, power lines went down, and there was lots of damage to roofs and windows throughout the city. I told her to wait until I got home so I could assess the damage. I should have had her call because it was quite bad.

While our windows escaped serious damage, our roof did not. Most of the shingles were either torn up or missing, and I could see spots where the paper underneath looked torn and you could see the actual wood. Thank goodness it didn’t rain before I got home. I went online and quickly located a firm who does work in Queens and set up an appointment. It took a few days for them to get here because of all the damage in the city, but when they showed up they were very professional and did a fair estimate.

Fortunately my insurance is covering the lion’s share of the damage. I thought they would need to take the whole thing off, but they said they could easily replace the damaged sections while keeping what survived in place. They could tell I had a relatively new roof and didn’t want to take advantage of the situation. I could certainly appreciate that. They sent out a crew and they had the whole thing repaired in about a day and a half. They did a bang up job, good enough of one that I recommended them to some neighbors who also needed help with their roofs.