My Son’s First Deodorant Stick

When my son asked me if I would buy him some deodorant, I honestly had no clue what kind to get for him. He was 12 years old at the time, and I was a single mom raising him. I knew what to do for my daughter when she needs to start using it in a few years, but I know that boys are different. That is why I wanted to read up on deodorant brands so I could find out which one was the best for a young boy who is active with sports.

The first thing I had to do was learn the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. I had heard of both terms, obviously, but I had no idea which one was the right kind to get for him. Thankfully, I found a website that gave me all the answers that I needed. I was worried that I would have to search for a while to get all of my answers, but the website I found had all of the answers anyone could have on any kind of deodorant. It truly was a huge help to me, because I had no idea what to get a very active boy for his first deodorant.

I got him an antiperspirant because he is so active. He loves to play basketball, baseball, football and any other sport that involves a ball. He does come home pretty sweaty, but I have never smelled a bad odor about him. It did make me happy that he was thinking ahead though, because he knew from watching the older boys that he was going to have to use some type of deodorant sooner rather than later. When I showed him some of the different ones that I found, he picked out one that he had seen some of the older boys using. He has been using it for nearly three months now, and I think it is going to be his brand!