Our AC System in Our House Would Be Cold and then Blow Warm Air

Our air conditioner would stop blowing cold air, but the fan kept running. It was running for hours, and it was just blowing warm air. It was not hot air like the furnace was on or anything, it was just not cold air of the AC. I shut it off for a few hours and then turned it back on. It ran cold for a few hours and then blew warm air again. It did this for days, so i called a place that does HVAC repair in NYC to have them come out and take a look at our air conditioning system. The only way we cold get it to cool the house was to run it until it blew warm air, and then we had to shut it off for a few hours.

It was really humid the week this was happening, and that made it all that much more worse. I had a window AC unit in storage in the garage that my sister gave me for our garden shed. I put it in the living room window so we could have a cool spot while the AC was being fixed. The tech from the company that does HVAC repair in NYC told me that it was likely low refrigerant or dirty coils leading to condensation and freezing inside. He said it could be a clogged drain that carries away the condensation on the coils too.

It was actually a combination of all three. When he took off the main duct above the furnace where the indoor AC coils are at, they were frozen into a block of ice. He thawed the ice and cleaned the coils. The outdoor coils had some leaves and years of grime. He used an acid cleaner to dissolve the gunk and rinsed it away with a garden hose. Then he checked the refrigerant level, and it was a bit low. He said the leak is obviously very slow at this point. So slow that his Freon sniffer tool could not detect it. The AC system ran perfectly after that and has not given us a single problem.