Starting Working a Summer Job

The truth is that this is a really tough job, but I was not looking for something too easy. Of course I was looking for something that paid as much as I could get and so when I found that a Brooklyn roofing repair service was willing to pay me a good wage I definitely checked them out. The plan is really simple. I am going to work all summer and try to save as much money as is possible before I head off to college for the fall semester. They are going to work me really hard in the meanwhile, this is definitely not the same as working the jobs that I have had while I was in high school. This is not even legal for people under the age of 18 from how I understand the child labor laws. It is the sort of thing where you are going to get burned by the sun and your muscles are going to ache at the end of the day.

I have done all sorts of restaurant jobs in the past two years. Usually I work some place where there are people that I know, especially if they are girls. So my first job was to bus tables at this place where a girl worked. I had a huge crush on her. The only thing bad about it was the guy who ran the kitchen. I do not think that I ever heard the guy talk at a normal tone. He yelled and screamed like a child having a tantrum from the moment you walked in until you went out at night. That seems to be pretty common to be truthful, every place I worked there seems to be a yeller. I like this job because they talk to you like you count.