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Why Use Recycled Car Parts?

Maintaining cars can be expensive, but not if you use recycled car parts when you can! Some of the car parts that can be recycled and reused (and bought inexpensively) include these:

  • Engines and transmissions: If the engine or transmission goes in your car, it rarely is necessary to buy a new one. Engines and transmissions can be taken apart and cleaned, reconditioned and then sold again. A search for salvaged parts in this area often leads to some great buys.
  • Tires: It depends upon the depth of the remaining tread, but some tires may be reused, too. This can save you as much as 50% when shopping for tires.
  • Starters and alternators: If your starter or alternator fails, you can buy a recycled one that works just as well.
  • Water pumps: This part is one of the best to buy used and recycled. As many as 50% of water pumps installed in used cars are recycled and last for years and years.
  • Gas tanks: If you need a new gas tank, you can get a recycled one at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Recycled car parts can be a terrific buy, especially for an older vehicle, so consider them for your next car repair.