Trying to Find a New Dentist

I have been trying to find a Fremont dentist since I got to this town last week. Of course the tooth has been bothering me for some time, although it is really more surprising that it did not bother me the second that I bit down on that peanut brittle. I would have pulled it myself if I could have figured out how to do that, even though I am sure that would not have been a very good idea. It is one of the wisdom teeth at the back of the left side of my mouth and really it does not serve much purpose. In fact I have something called supernumerary wisdom teeth and they might get in the way. They are really useless and not even real teeth, just jagged little things that grow where they can. If I touch one of them it will wobble around, but the root is wrapped around the bad tooth. I guess it will come out naturally when the other one does.

Obviously it also serves no purpose, beyond giving the dentist something interesting that he does not see every day. That is what I am going to get rid of any how. Beyond that the move has gone smoothly, we got here in good time and there were not any snags with the house. All of the paperwork had gone through and when we stopped at the realtor’s office she was there waiting with the keys and one last thing for us to sign. In fact a lot of the boxes are still piled up in the garage, waiting for us to figure out what to do with them. I am not sure how the movers got it all in that moving van, now it seems like enough to fill two of those trucks.