Why Dealers Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Advantages of Buying a Used Car When it comes to the difference between buying a new and a slightly used car – is the fact that the moment you get your new car, it right-there-and-then depreciates enormously. If you want to know how much has been written off from the price you got it for then try selling this new car. And the only difference would be that the new car smells better. And not only the depreciation value of a new car, a zero meter car will also incur other associated charges and subsequent cost not comparable to a used car. And this means that you don’t only deal with the car price but there are other charges that goes with it too. The only benefit of buying a new car is fleeting or short-lived since many times it is only the psychological satisfaction of bringing home a new car or showing it off to your family, friends, and neighbors. When you take that out of the equation, what you get is both the short and long term benefit. Let me spell them out to you. Sales tax of a new car is a big issue because they are non-negotiable. Though the percent depends on your state, New Jersey collects seven percent. Apart from that, New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles also collects other fees for a brand new car.
A Quick Rundown of Vehicles
Next is the idea of depreciation value. Assuming that you have been using your brand new car for a year that cost you a million dollars. The value of your car after a year and a half would go down to around six hundred to seven hundred thousand dollar instead. Which means that the amount of the car depreciating after two years is enough to buy a two year old depreciated used car. It would seem that spending a million dollars on a brand new car only to have the same amount as a used car after two years is quite foolish. If you buy the two year old used car, you save around three hundred thousand dollars.
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The new features on brand new cars are responsible for making their prices soar but on your part if you buy a used car you can even have these same features installed by an after-market installer which can cost you a lot less. There are many new features that you can add to your used car which you can find in after-market shops like protective coating, additional sensors, or other new look features. Dealers charge is another thorn in one’s side when you buy a brand new car, and this is especially true when it is bank financed. For every accessory you want, some dealers over charge you and this will be added and spread out within the duration of your terms of payment with the bank.